Route 66 Day 10 Lebanon, Mo – St. Louis, Mo

Lebanon, Mo – St. Louis, Mo

We stayed at the Munger Moss Motel which has been a landmark stop on route 66 for the past 72 years. Woke up to clear blue skies, no fire trucks outside of our motel and a car that starts. Things are looking up.



The original old school bathroom heater


We are so rockin’ the ’50’s              A Pink Bathtub!!!


Left Lebanon on great roads thru the Missouri countryside in search of the giant bowling pin.



Found the bowling pin but its been over shadowed by that other adult activity.

Found this truly cool LowRider land yacht there

Probably owns the adult store




The Uranus Fudge Factory is another one of those roadside oddities that makes route 66 so great. They have dinosaurs, old cars, fudge, gift shop, space ship, a police car and much more.

Guard Dogs


“Our duty is to serve and protect Uranus”  (1949 Chevy)


Uranus Probe

Gift Shop Security Guard



Fanning Outpost General Store

Fanning Outpost General Store and worlds 2nd largest rocking chair is about four miles west of Cuba, Mo on Route 66.



From Fanning we went on Cuba, Mo which is known for its murals and they certainly earned that moniker.



Wagon Wheel Motel Cuba, Mo

Kathy checking out a 1950 Chevy  4 dr in need of some minor work


Left Cuba and after a few miles of pleasant country driving we found ourselves looking at this.

Who needs a stinking map and GPS when you’ve got this.

So after a game of rock–paper–scissors we opted for the 1926-1933 Route 66 byway.  This highly scientific approach to advanced navigation led us to Manchester which appears to be some kind of St. Louis suburban version of Yuppieville. Complete with Macy’s, Golds Gym, a Lexus dealer and every known popular chain retailer and restaurant. There was no evidence that route 66 had ever passed through there. No diners, old gas stations, curio shops, Rt. 66 signs or museums. Sort of sad to see that it had all been swept away by “modernization”.

Made our way through St. Louis to the edge of Mississippi River and the Hilton Hotel.


Tomorrow we go to the great St. Louis Arch.